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1 year ago

Withings Honored With Three 2015 CES Innovation Awards

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NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Withings, the leader in the connected health revolution, today announced that it has received three CES 2015 innovation awards for its new devices, Withings Activit and Withings Home. Activit has been awarded

1 year ago

​Watches that keep a close watch on you

Hearing consumers say they "gotta have it" is the dream of anyone launching a new product. Susan Spencer of "48 Hours" shows us a case where that dream came true:

Tony Bass' watch tracks his every move -- steps taken, calories burned, hours slept. He wears it all the time, even while taking a shower.

Would he otherwise miss some calories,/type,/3434/cat.html burning from scrubbing? "That is abs

1 year ago

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband

Wedding anniversary is a very special occasion for couples as it marks the day on which they became one. It is the day when couples celebrate the time they've spent together. Gifts are a way of showing your love for your partner and making him feel special. Most wives find themselves in a fix while trying to get the perfect gift for their better halves. Here, we make it easy for them. Find some interesting anniversary gift ideas for your husband as you read ahead.

1 year ago

Mobile Apps, Watches and Apparel Will Spur Outdoor, Sports and Fitness GPS to $2bn in 2016, Says ABI Research | Reuters

Mobile Apps, Watches and Apparel Will Spur Outdoor, Sports and Fitness GPS to $2bn in 2016, Says ABI Research

In a new study, ABI Research has forecast that a combination of smartphone applications and device shipments will drive the next big trend in the GPS market.

This has always been a niche market, with limited competition. However, Garmins Outdoor and Fitness division represented 40% of the firms total 20

1 year ago

Fun, Affordable Watches

No matter what style of watch you prefer sporty, dressy, vintage or casual you will find a Croton watch that matches your taste and your budget.

For more than 130 years, Croton has sought to capture the imagination of its customers with innovative time pieces. Croton watches have remained popular, with sales reaching up to 1 million a year many drawn perhaps by the lifetime warranty offered on its movements.

Mens watches

1 year ago

Differences Between A Miniature Schnauzer, Standard Schnauzer And Giant Schnauzer by Lea Mullins

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Differences Between A Miniature Schnauzer, Standard Schnauzer And Giant Schnauzer

by: Lea Mullins

Other than the size differences between the varieties of Schnauzers, there are more traits and characteristics that distinguish each type of Schnauzer as an individual breed.

Miniature Schnauzers generally stand at about 13-14 inches; their coats can be a variety of colors from Salt

1 year ago

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Erik Mandelson's Articles

Communicate Quickly with Maui, Honolulu, or Anywhere Else with 4G

Today, communicating with the world around you is easier than ever before. Thanks to all kinds of technologies, many of which are relatively new, there are many ways to communicate when you aren't in the same place as the people you want to communicate with. For instance, you can write a letter, pick up a phone, send an email, send a text message, or communicate online via

1 year ago

​Why Apple Watch is rubbing some users the wrong way

Apple's first piece of wearable tech is rubbing some buyers the wrong way.

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Termed "wrist-gate" by PC Magazine, the problem is developing for some buyers, who have broken out into rashes after coughing up $550 or more for one of the watches. A discussion broke out on Reddit, with one user writing, "I'm definitely dealing with an allergic reaction of some kind."

1 year ago

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Posts relating to Picnic+Places (0-50 of 718) ( 0.017 seconds )Day Picnic Places At Gurgaon

By: anjali normally bunk concerning the very actuality that there are not any interesting areas inside of the capital district and in this manner to show up for greener and a considerable measure of serene areas of Earth they hold up until week complete after they will set out toward ...

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